8: Jeff Griffin (Griffin Motivation)

May 22, 2020
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Ete speaks with Jeff Griffin, founder of Griffin Motivation. University student and football player, Jeff Griffin, found himself staring up from the floor of an unpainted barn. Having fallen 40 feet while painting, he realized he could not move. The young man whose identity had been wrapped up in being an athlete, with his whole life ahead of him, knew he was paralyzed. Life as he knew it would never be the same. The next several years were all about growth, dealing with discomfort, and finding strength. There was no other choice.
Today, Jeff is married with four children, has a meaningful vocation which he is passionate about, and is living the service-filled, adventurous life he wants to live. He has built a successful business around the "transformational" workshops he gives to organizations, schools, and companies. He's written books and offers courses that share the "flakes" and "nuggets" of golden wisdom that his experiences have taught him. Jeff continues to touch lives and inspire others to become the people they want to become.
Listen up and be inspired by this week's episode. Enjoy!
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The most amazing quote I've ever heard. You can't get better than this. Keep going with it.

- Enzo Whipple

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