Interview with Jace Kandle (Lake Kandle)

January 14, 2021
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Today Ete sits down with Jace Kandle of Lake Kandle.

About Jace

  • South Jersey native
  • Partner at Lake Kandle, a family-owned 86-acre destination campground and swim club in it’s 60th year
  • 24-7 manager during the season
  • Big time fan of Atomic Square

What helped him get to where he is today

  • Not starting from scratch: stepping into an established family business that was already a recognized South Jersey institution (2:02)
  • Learning from the past: seeing what to do when you inherit $1,000,000 in debt (10:21)
  • Education: an international business and history degree (17:23)
  • Making the personal choice: being able to grow up in the business and then choosing to become a part of it (22:36)
  • Outside support: trustee of NJCAA - access to good information, and advocacy through an industry organization (26:51)
  • A restorative resource: exercise - finding clarity through running (30:05)
  • Understanding parents: parents with realistic expectations of kids (33:38)
  • Purpose: enjoying the chance to work with and to help young people grow (37:21)
  • A restorative resource: Nature: getting to connect with Nature (38:46)

The hard parts: memorable learning experiences (mistakes), difficulties, and challenges
along the way

  • Managing dozens of employees, mostly young, inexperienced teens (31:00)
  • Dealing with unexpected problems out of his control. Feeling “helpless.” (26:17)
  • Covid: how it affected business, feeling helpless, dealing with expectations, and questions with no answers (26:18)
  • Challenge of learning to delegate more (34:30)
  • Transition between the season and off-season and back (34:50)
  • Nonstop work: Being there 24-7. Not having “a life” during the season. (20:13)

Major Insights

  • Running a small business is “a high stakes poker game. Every day.” All your eggs are “in one basket.” (23:50)
  • You can do everything right and still have your business fail. The unexpected happens. (24:19)
  • “Everyday ends.” (25:15)
  • “You have to be fluid, because, you know, things change. Things change really quick...Figure out what people want.” (32:50)
  • “Be patient...It’s gonna take a whole lot of work.” (39:31)
  • Watch your expectations for happiness. Invest in the “meat and potatoes,” not the “quick hits.” (44:34)
  • “Happiness is feeling purpose.” (45:45)

Miscellaneous Good Stuff

  • South Jersey is not a dump. (:24)
  • A kid’s dream: full time Sega, wiffle ball and jailbreak (3:47)
  • First tractor accident. At 7. (14:39)
  • Taking over the family business: “It was like Lion King...I can't wait to be king.” : ) (15:47)
  • Trying to be an engineer. “But uh, then physics hit. And there she went.” (16:53)
  • Yes, please: The Kandle family tradition we want to institute too. (40:06)

The most amazing quote I've ever heard. You can't get better than this. Keep going with it.

- Enzo Whipple

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