Goal #1: Support Our Local Businesses!

We believe all local & small businesses are crucial to america's economy, community & way of life. 


We want america to get to know the small business owner. To understand that there's a real person or family (with an amazing story) behind every small business name. People who work hard and struggle against the odds to create something that not only helps themselves and their family but also helps their local communities! 

We want to help bring back the support and love for small business and the courageous owners who work hard every single day to keep their dream allive.


There is always strength in numbers. We envision a tight nit community of local business owners, nationwide, that support, mentor, and stand with each other to help make each one better and more competitive. 

Host & Founder

I love business, a good story, and I love people. I was driving through my neighborhood thinking about all the cool companies and stories that could be found from the people just on my street. Then I started thinking, "what if I could help tell their stories?”

The stories of these people are the stories of our country. Small businesses are essential to America, not just for economic reasons, but because they represent the very heart of America. They are the drivers and champions of the American Dream.

It has been my privilege to sit down and talk with entrepreneurs who just happen to live next door (in some cases, literally). They are neighbors, friends, family, people I’ve met around the community. Each of these business owners has hard-earned, valuable wisdom to share gathered from completely unique experiences. I promise you will learn something from every one of these people. Each of their stories has also been captivating and inspiring in some way, even when the guest swore up and down that they had nothing interesting to tell. These are the stories I get to share with you.

Although I love business and connecting with people, I don’t love being the center of attention. And so I have found that podcasting is a perfect platform for me. I get to be involved with other people, spend time with innovators, and discuss my passions without having to be under the spotlight and without having to be the focus of the interview. I love shining the light on the good, the fascinating, the creative people of the world. There’s something magical about listening to their stories in their words. I love learning from them and sharing with them, finding points of connection, and just feeling their passion for what they do. Putting that all out into the world in podcast form adds a whole other level of connection that is absolutely exhilarating. I love making this podcast, and I hope you enjoy listening to it.

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I believe in small business. More than that. I know small business is the life blood of America. Our economy, our culture, our way of life, our dreams have all been the result of hard working individuals and families with a vision and passion to build something of their own and something  that provides value for others. 

The example that sets for the rising generation is absolutely essential. 

I am a small business owner.  I'm contributing my time and energy to The Company Next Door to help bring a spotlight onto the critical and invaluable role small businesses have in our Nation's and our children's future. I envision a network of business owners across the nation standing together and supporting the individual. I envision mutual mentoring and collaboration to help small businesses succeed and exceed.


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A podcast for small business owners by small business owners. 
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