Season 3 Episodes

March 19, 2021

Interview with Britt (DynoClimb)

Meet Britt, owner of DynoClimb, located in Deland, Florida. DynoClimb is a unique climbing gym with a mission "to create a dynamic community of climbers, adventurers, and fitness enthusiasts."  In this episode: Growing Up "Sketchy" climb at Galleons (1:17) A 13 year-old cuffing and hemming suits (12:58) A born entrepreneur: selling his family their own […]
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March 10, 2021

Joey Maxwell (The Studio Creative Group) Deland, FL

Meet Joey Maxwell. Along with his wife, owner of The Studio Creative Group, an Emmy award winning "company dedicated to producing spectacular visuals on screens both big and small," located in Deland, FL. Joey is a former commercial airline pilot and voice actor, and is currently a cinematographer and director for his own business, as […]
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February 25, 2021

Debbie Wilds (Shear Wildness: Goochland, VA)

Meet Debbie Wilds, owner of Shear Wildness Check out these topics: Building a community and relationships If you were waiting...everybody would just talk. It was like a little community meeting place. (20:53) When you come here...I want you to meet your neighbors, I want you to feel comfortable and I want you to have fun. […]
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February 16, 2021

Dean Johnson (Healthy Homes Pest Control - Palmyra, VA)

About Dean Owner of Healthy Homes Pest Control located in North Central Virginia. Husband, and father of 5 Experience in construction industry, IT, programming, data analysis Big Ideas from This Episode Customer care is their core value. And they mean it. "We know all of our customers."(1:33) "Our main value is that we care about […]
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February 4, 2021

Steve Poponi and Dave Downham (Gradwell House Recording Studio, Haddon Heights, NJ)

About Gradwell House 6400 sq ft facility converted from a Masonic lodge into a recording studio with multiple recording rooms and rehearsal spaces About Steve and Dave From South Jersey Sound Engineers Husbands and Fathers Were members of Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right BA Start The Parts of Business They Love Owning […]
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January 25, 2021

Interview with Steve Castellano (ANS Construction)

Today Ete sits down with Steve Castellano of ANS Construction. About Steve Owner of ANS for 34 years Born and raised in South Philly Married to Cheryl for 24 years Father of 2 Serial Entrepreneur Member of the LDS church What helped him get to where he is today Accepting jobs he didn’t even know […]
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January 14, 2021

Interview with Jace Kandle (Lake Kandle)

Today Ete sits down with Jace Kandle of Lake Kandle. About Jace South Jersey native Partner at Lake Kandle, a family-owned 86-acre destination campground and swim club in it’s 60th year 24-7 manager during the season Big time fan of Atomic Square What helped him get to where he is today Not starting from scratch: […]
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January 4, 2021

Interview with Doug Trace (Trace Photo Studio)

Today Ete sits down with Doug Trace of Trace Photo Studio. About Doug Professional photographer Husband and father of 4 South Jersey native An "ideas guy" An all-around highly creative person What helped him get to where he is today Seeing the business and its challenges (angry mothers!) from childhood (2:25) Taking a $20,000 pay […]
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December 21, 2020

Interview with Nick Coleman (Ivan Carfax) (Bread Delivery Company)

Today Ete sits down with Nick Coleman, owner and operator of several bread deliver routes including Ivan Carfax. Ete is on a roadtrip looking for great small businesses and great small businesspeople. Today he's back in his hometown of Glassboro, NJ, visiting with good friend, and all around cool guy, Nick Coleman. Nick owns a […]
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December 10, 2020

1: Interview with Scott Abbott (Pronexis + Founder of Five Star Painting)

Today Ete sits down with Scott Abbott, founder of Five Star Painting and founder/CEO of Pronexis. Scott Abbott is a pretty big get for our little show. He's a prolific entrepreneur with some extremely impressive credentials. And considering all that he's involved with, he's got to be one busy guy. Luckily we had some back […]
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