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Healthy Homes Pest Control

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We are a local, family owned company – not a franchise or giant corporation. We’re your neighbors. You can rely on us to provide prompt, dependable service.


Our team is trained and licensed to protect your home from pests that carry disease and damage property. We provide professional service that’s effective and safe for your family and the environment.

Our technicians aren’t just licensed and trained, they CARE about PEOPLE. They care about protecting every member of your family, so that you can enjoy the precious moments without fear of biting and disease-carrying pests.

We strive to create a company culture that values people over profit—and we work towards this mindset with every member of our team. We are on a mission to help families.

When you sign up for one of our plans, get ready to receive so much more than quarterly applications. Our plans work like subscriptions to a healthy, pest-free home, and our technicians are there to give you the best, most stress-free experience possible.

Because every member of your family deserves to feel safe.

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Dean Johnson (Healthy Homes Pest Control - Palmyra, VA)

About Dean Owner of Healthy Homes Pest Control located in North Central Virginia. Husband, and father of 5 Experience in construction industry, IT, programming, data analysis Big Ideas from This Episode Customer care is their core value. And they mean it. "We know all of our customers."(1:33) "Our main value is that we care about…

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A podcast for small business owners by small business owners. 
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