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Heber City, Utah
Logan, Utah
Provo, Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah
Pocatello, Idaho
Rexburg, Idaho
Spokane, Washington
Kennewick, Washington


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Heber Hatchets

Heber City

We opened our first Heber Hatchets axe throwing location in 2018 in Heber City, Utah. We figured if any community could appreciate the unique entertainment of axe throwing, it would be the people in the mountains of Utah! Since day one, we have gone all in on the flannel and whiskers, sawdust and pine sap, and overall backwoods feel of lumberjack entertainment.

Since opening our first venue, we have also expanded into other cities like Provo and Logan, as well as cities in Idaho and Washington state. At each of our venues you are sure to find friendly flanneled hosts, the pleasant scent of pine oil in the air, and an exciting selection of axe throwing games that beat bowling or mini golf any day. We believe that everyone has a lumberjack or jill inside of them—we just help you find it!


The Heber Hatchets brand is one of family-friendly flanneled fun (that’s a mouthful!) You don’t have to be a lumberjack to enjoy playing like one! We believe that it’s not just our high-quality venues and fun games that have earned us so many loyal fans, but it’s also our memorable brand. A visit to Heber Hatchets isn’t just a date night, corporate event, or party—it’s an experience!

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10: Interview with Travis Wilcox (Heber Hatchets)

Things were going so well, incredibly well. Travis Wilcox, uncharacteristically, had taken a chance and it was paying off in a big way. He is, by his own account "the most conservative person on the planet." Risk-taking is not in his nature, and even he himself seemed surprised by his desire to start a business,…

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