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Dave Zimmerman

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Noisebox Studios

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Dave has been involved in many successful projects, including projects that have charted in the top 3 on Billboard. Other projects have reached millions of views on YouTube, have been featured on Spotify’s recommended playlist, and have charted on iTunes playlists. He’s worked on thousands of songs with hundreds of artists. He also spent over 8 years teaching private music production lessons at BYU.

Dave is well known for his speed and efficiency in recording, editing, producing, mixing and mastering. His years of experience allows him to dial in detailed results quickly and have an ear to know where to focus his attention to get the best results with the allocated time. He takes pride in knowing hardware, software plugins and virtual instruments inside and out to be able to create custom effects and sounds. He has a strong background in percussion and piano and also loves synthesis and orchestral sequencing. Because he often focuses on music from the rhythm section on up, he compliments the needs of many artists and songwriters.

His favorite genres to work on are Pop, Electronic Genres, Orchestral, Country, Acoustic and Rock.

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3: Interview with Dave Zimmerman (Noisebox Studios)

Today Ete sits down with Dave Zimmerman of Noisebox Studios.Dave Zimmerman, owner and founder of Noisebox Studios in Provo, UT, is a musician, music producer, and recording engineer. Just try to schedule some studio time at Noisebox and you'll realize that Dave is doing something very right. Booked out for months, without having spent one…

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