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ProNexis is the top lead development & growth platform in the home service industry. We work with America's most trusted brands to qualify, advance, and close their incoming prospects.

We grow home service brands fast through on-demand technology, proven growth solutions & execution excellence. Whether you're a single business, multi-location, or franchise we've been there. We know how to grow home service businesses.

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1: Interview with Scott Abbott (Pronexis + Founder of Five Star Painting)

Today Ete sits down with Scott Abbott, founder of Five Star Painting and founder/CEO of Pronexis. Scott Abbott is a pretty big get for our little show. He's a prolific entrepreneur with some extremely impressive credentials. And considering all that he's involved with, he's got to be one busy guy. Luckily we had some back…

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A podcast for small business owners by small business owners. 
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