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Audrey Holocher

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Wasatch Hypnotherapy

Heber City

I am committed to serving as a healing presence in the world.

I’m Audrey Holocher, a certified Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist (CMS-CHt), Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner (NLP) and Certified Narrative Consultant. I also have an M.S. in Environmental Sciences & Engineering, a B.S. in Food Science & Technology, and decades of experience in market research focusing on physician, patient and caregiver journeys across multiple disease states. As a graduate of the Hypnotherapy Academy of America and Fellow with the International Board of Hypnotherapy, FIBH#11018-572, I hold one of the highest levels of certification available, with 500 hours of life-transforming techniques. Graduates of the Hypnotherapy Academy of America use evidence-based protocols and have double to triple the training that other schools and training programs provide. I am committed to being a healing presence for all whom I am privileged to serve. While hypnotherapy may have many beneficial effects, it is not a substitute for medical treatment or psychotherapy. I do not practice medicine or psychotherapy in any form or manner. My services do not constitute counseling, psychotherapy or psychiatric or medical treatment, and are not offered as a replacement for any of the foregoing. Products or services offered on this website and/or printed promotional material are not intended to target, diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, illness or health condition (whether medical, mental, psychological, or dental).

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13: Interview with Audrey Holocher (Wasatch Hypnotherapy)

Today Ete sits down with Audrey Holocher of Wasatch HypnotherapyWe’ve had the chance to interview a lot of people who have very interesting jobs working in all kinds of fields. Audrey Holocher has started a business in a field that is definitely interesting and unique. As a hypnotherapist, she is able to help people deal…

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A podcast for small business owners by small business owners. 
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