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Bio Green® Fertilization Service is a nationally branded Lawn, tree, shrub, weed and pest spraying company that focuses on bringing health and vigor to your entire landscape. Bio Green® was founded in 2006 as a Spray service in Reno Nevada with the goal of reducing nutrient pollution and providing a safe, effective and affordable alternative to existing service companies. With these principles, Bio Green® was able to grow at a fast rate and garner the interest of other companies in the region. Soon after, the License model for Bio Green® was born.

Bio Green® Licensed Service Providers are trained and supported by Greene County Fertilizer Company, Inc. Our extensive knowledge of horticulture, customer service, soil science, and marketing, aid our Licensees in growing a successful business. When you do business with us, you are getting local knowledge and unique applications geared directly to your area and growing zone.

Bio Green® products are made by Greene County Fertilizer Company in Greensboro, Georgia. These products are exclusive to Bio Green® Licensed Service Providers and are changing the way the industry sees lawn fertility. The Bio Green® fertilizer brand is 100% phosphorus free and use substantially less Nitrogen than conventional methods.

Bio Green® products build soil fertility year after year and produce incredible results.

We continue to forge the way in advanced fertility methods for lawn and tree care. By becoming a customer of Bio Green®, you will enjoy a beautiful lawn and landscape, a benefit to the environment, and the pleasure of working with local business owners.

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8: Interview with John Perry (Bio Green, Greene County Fertilizer, Lawncology)

Today, Ete sits down with John Perry, founder of Bio Green, author of the Lawncology blog and YouTube channel, and founder of Greene County Fertilizer Company.John Perry is a rockstar of the lawn care industry. If you have anything to do with lawns professionally, you know who John is and you know that he is…

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A podcast for small business owners by small business owners. 
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