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Jace Kandle

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Lake Kandle

250 Chapel Heights Rd
Washington Township
New Jersey

Lake Kandle is a private campground and swim club. For 60 years, Lake Kandle has been a hidden gem nestled away just outside Philadelphia, in suburban Washington Township, New Jersey. A get-away, at home, Lake Kandle has a peaceful family oriented setting that provides a vacation atmosphere, even if home is just a few miles away.

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Interview with Jace Kandle (Lake Kandle)

Today Ete sits down with Jace Kandle of Lake Kandle.About JaceSouth Jersey nativePartner at Lake Kandle, a family-owned 86-acre destination campground and swim club in it’s 60th year24-7 manager during the seasonBig time fan of Atomic SquareWhat helped him get to where he is todayNot starting from scratch: stepping into an established family business that…

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