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Isabel and David Dupes

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The Great American Food Truck

Heber City

We are a food truck proudly serving great American Classic Specialty food to the Heber Valley and beyond.


Established in 2020.

We are a food trailer based out of Heber City. This is our second season in this area but we have many years perfecting our menu items in other parts of the world. Come visit us and try some (or all) of our delicious culinary offerings. We are proud to bring delicious food in the form of a new twist on American Classics to Heber Valley and beyond. Come visit our new and improved food trailer bringing several new menu items this year.

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11: Interview with Isabel and David Dupes (The Great American Food Truck)

Today Ete sits down with Isabel and David Dupes, owners of The Great American Food Truck.We often speak of each interviewee's "journey" on this show, complete with twists and turns, surprises, and unlikely coincidences. But David and Isabel have taken one of the most twisty, surprising, and unlikely routes to their present life. They have…

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