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Trailtalk is taking therapy off the couch and onto the trail. Nature is our main therapy too. We also have a mobile office called Therapy on the Fly. Serving Park City, Heber Valley, Salt Lake City, and Provo, Utah, with a location in Aspen, Colorado!

Therapylite® is our model of care. Trailtalk is shedding light on the shame and stigma of seeking mental health services for active, functional people. Our signature walks and talks, and roving office makes emotional care accessible, acceptable and affordable. It feels less clinical. It feels right. We all need and deserve routine emotional care just like we do physical care. Better emotional health just takes one step.

Trailtalk is leading the industry in opening up the door and shedding light on the secrecy of mental health care. It's not about pulling yourself up by your bootstraps any longer. It's about lacing up your shoes and joining a professionally trained therapist on a walk and talk. Trailtalk feels less clinical because nature is the foundation of our therapy tool box.

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6: Interview with Allison Page (Founder of Trail Talk)

Today, Ete sits down with Allison Page, founder of Trailtalk.Allison Page is a self-described "dreamer." She's got ideas. Lots of ideas. So many absorbing ideas that friends have warned, "we need to pull you off that cloud and into reality." Allison is also one heck of an energetic and optimistic go-getter, a doer, a woman…

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A podcast for small business owners by small business owners. 
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