6: Interview with Allison Page (Founder of Trail Talk)

September 24, 2020
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Today, Ete sits down with Allison Page, founder of Trailtalk.

Allison Page is a self-described "dreamer." She's got ideas. Lots of ideas. So many absorbing ideas that friends have warned, "we need to pull you off that cloud and into reality." Allison is also one heck of an energetic and optimistic go-getter, a doer, a woman who makes things happen. With gusto. The combination of these qualities has made her an entrepreneurial powerhouse. Plus, she's got an exceptional team behind her. She's got a clear vision. Turning her company, Trailtalk, into a national franchise is her mission right now. And odds are that she will do it.

If you've heard our episode with therapist Megan Perry, then you've already had an introduction to Trailtalk. If not, go listen to it. Seriously. Okay, great. So now we all know that Trailtalk is a practice that is "taking therapy off the couch and onto the trails." Allison believes in this idea passionately and in the company she's built around it, and with good reason. It's a brilliant (and effective) approach to therapy that people are responding to enthusiastically. Thus, the originally Park City-based practice is expanding. There are now affiliates branching out to other parts of Utah and beyond. Trailtalk as a national brand is the goal and really, it's not that far-fetched.

Allison truly loves Trailtalk. She talks constantly and passionately about it to absolutely anyone who will listen. Some of her friends have actually asked her to tone it down. For her, "Trailtalk doesn't turn off." Her excitement impels her to always be marketing, to keep promoting, to advocate non-stop for her brand of walk and talk therapy.

Allison Page is a Nurse Practitioner with a post-Master's certificate in Psychiatric Nursing. She grew up in the northern woods of Maine, and became a nurse. Recruited by Primary Children's Hospital, she made her way to Utah. She went to grad school and became a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. She found a love for community and public health care, and a special passion for program development and a particular interest in the psychosocial dynamics of family. Even then Allison was a mover and shaker. She took it upon herself to develop several health initiatives including programs for cardiac patients, children with obesity, and homeless children. Allison found herself on the other side of the health care system when her own daughter became ill. She decided to put her career on hold in order to stay home to take care of her daughter. Several years later, she realized that she wanted to become a therapist. Back to school she went and made that goal a reality. During a stressful time, she went for a walk with her dog, realized the cathartic quality of walking in nature, and this was the beginning of Trailtalk.

Allison has learned a great deal during her life and career. Hear what lessons this journey has taught her and get a sense of her wonderful energy and optimism in this episode of The Company Next Door.

The most amazing quote I've ever heard. You can't get better than this. Keep going with it.

- Enzo Whipple

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