Interview with Doug Trace (Trace Photo Studio)

January 4, 2021
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Today Ete sits down with Doug Trace of Trace Photo Studio.

  • About Doug
    • Professional photographer
    • Husband and father of 4
    • South Jersey native
    • An "ideas guy"
    • An all-around highly creative person
  • What helped him get to where he is today
    • Seeing the business and its challenges (angry mothers!) from childhood (2:25)
    • Taking a $20,000 pay cut to get into the industry and learn his craft (10:30)
    • Learning how to interact with clients (12:40)
    • Specific qualities and skills he learned from his parents (19:33)
    • A very supportive wife (28:55)
    • Believing that life will prepare him for the next step (39:44)
  • Memorable learning experiences (mistakes) and hard things along the way
    • A downside of working for someone else: wage ceilings (10:14)
    • Working through family challenges (29:22)
    • Burnout (31:27)
    • Loving street photography "and then Covid happened" (37:00)
  • Major Insights
    • Learn to truly like your clients (12:56)
    • People often just need to be heard. Stop trying to make a point. (17:07)
    • Watch what's coming down the road: digital photography's impact on the industry (20:38)
    • Nail down the process and product so you can focus on the people. (33:26)
    • Use the unique resources and tools you have access to to differentiate yourself. You have everything you need. (43:38)
    • Be honest with yourself and others about your abilities and strengths (45:33)
    • You need to build a team of people who are "better than you" and not be intimated by their abilities. (49:36)
    • Success = "finding what you're passionate about and being happy with it." (1:00:26)
    • "Take every single opportunity that comes in front of you, no matter how outlandish." (1:04:53)
  • Miscellaneous Good Stuff
    • One time long-haired metal-band rocker. (5:05)
    • The truth comes out: "The youngest gets away with the most." (6:22)
    • Forget the brides, Momzillas are the real threat. (15:15)
    • "The scriptures are the Radiohead of the religious world." (1:06:50)
    • "Youth is a time bomb that goes off when you're 40." (1:09:06)

The most amazing quote I've ever heard. You can't get better than this. Keep going with it.

- Enzo Whipple

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