Joey Maxwell (The Studio Creative Group) Deland, FL

March 10, 2021
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Meet Joey Maxwell. Along with his wife, owner of The Studio Creative Group, an Emmy award winning "company dedicated to producing spectacular visuals on screens both big and small," located in Deland, FL. Joey is a former commercial airline pilot and voice actor, and is currently a cinematographer and director for his own business, as well as a very involved supporter and contributor to the Athens Theatre in Deland.

This and more in today's episode:

  • Benefits of a small town business location (1:37)
  • Doing what you love on the side (6:37)
  • The downsides of a good corporate job (7:12)
  • A spouse as a work partner (8:31)
  • A true team mentality: how a group drives creative achievement (9:10)
  • The importance of getting an outside, objective perspective (10:30)
  • The benefits of aiming to create a "dream job" for everyone (14:22)
  • A work relationship can actually help a marriage grow (11:59)
  • Money as motivation (16:11)
  • Fulfillment as motivation (17:16)
  • Making your passion your career (17:43)
  • Benefits of a family business (19:18)
  • You can’t teach your kid to live your best life if you aren’t. (19:18)
  • The satisfaction of being an entrepreneur (24:08)
  • The Stress (25:27)
  • Ups and downs: not having a consistent income (25:28)
  • Entrepreneurs have to forecast and plan ahead for lean times (26:44)
  • When you get busier than you're ready for (27:37)
  • Working with clients on creative projects: it’s tricky (28:30)
  • Guiding a theater through COVID (30:24)
  • What’s it like to win an Emmy? (34:26)
  • Imposter syndrome is a thing. (42:03)
  • Entrepreneurs as artists (42:26)
  • Easing doubts: validation makes a difference (40:17)
  • During COVID The Arts are even more critically important (45:37)
  • Crowd funding equity campaign: building a community arts center co-op (48:04)
  • “Creators are responsible for everything important.” (57:27)
  • You need to progress, or why do it? (1:00:16)
  • "Journey, but journey hard.": Advice for a young entrepreneur (1:01:44)
  • Success? Dreams were fulfilled because I was there. (1:04:09)
  • Don’t stop, don’t pause. Shift. (1:06:22)

The most amazing quote I've ever heard. You can't get better than this. Keep going with it.

- Enzo Whipple

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