#48 - Spencer Owens - Bell Rock Finance (Mesa, AZ)

June 29, 2021
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Meet Spencer Owens, co-founder and Principal at Bell Rock Finance,  which provides investment financing—acquisition and renovation—for fix & flip, commercial, construction, and land/lot real estate projects. Bell Rock is located in Mesa, AZ. 

In this episode:

  • 2007: "Yeah, great time to start a wealth management, financial planning type of an office." (6:04)
  • Changing strategy to fill the "hole in the market." (10:47)
  • "It's okay to not know how to do everything.": "Surround yourself with people who know things and do things that you can't do." (13:01)
  • A "business divorce:" "Our interests weren't aligned to the owner had a different vision for where he wanted to go." (14:53)
  • "Yeah, probably should have hired a trademark attorney when we signed up for our name." (17:54)
  • Competition grows: "When I started lending, there was one big name in town. And now there's dozens. And so and we're all battling..." (21:23)
  • The differentiator: "speed and convenience." (21:53) "When you call Bell Rock Finance, and speak to one of us, you're speaking with an owner, you're speaking with a decision maker." (23:45) "We have a process":  "I can go run our systems and our tools, and I can get you an answer within an hour." (24:19)
  • "This business is work hard strike while the iron's hot. Be wise with your own own income, save as much as possible. And just keep doing it as long as the market will support it." (26:57)
  • "I have friends who are in corporate and they'll they'll take a week off and worry free stress free. That looks nice...But then you look at the the ceiling that you're put on, the income ceiling, the progress ceiling, whatever you have in in those positions.
  • "And I think having a hobby, having an outlet is absolutely paramount and important in everybody's lives." (31:41)
  • "We've had some some crazy experiences where people have really wronged us. And we've had to, you know, get lawyers and trudge through those those sticky situations, but it's just head down, grind through it, and have faith in your in your passion in your vision that you will get through it and that it'll be better on the other side." (32:17)

The most amazing quote I've ever heard. You can't get better than this. Keep going with it.

- Enzo Whipple

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