Liz Robinson (Ted's Shooting Range, Queen Creek, AZ)

June 5, 2021
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Meet Liz Robinson, co-owner of Ted’s Shooting Range, located in Queen Creek, AZ. Ted’s Shooting Range offers firearms educational classes, and includes a gun range, a retail firearms store, and a dive shop.

Some topics of discussion

  • A multi-faceted business: classes, range, and retail (5:27)
  • Shooting as a skill that offers a level playing field (8:19)
  • A sales boom: “Liberal” first time gun buyers (12:17)
  • A perspective on guns: “It's a tool of a sport that I love to use.” (13:44)
  • For traumatized women, guns can help them “feel like they're getting control back of their life.” (15:36)
  • 2020-2021: millions of new gun owners (17:24)
  • A woman-owned company: earning a place in a predominantly male industry (36:18)
  • Women gun owners: “we don't treat them like they're stupid” (37:40)
  • Race and gender politics in business (throughout)
  • Guns and the current political climate (throughout)

Business lessons and ideas

  • A serious responsibility: when you have to say no to a customer (18:05)
  • A partnership between two very different people is a good thing (20:12)
  • “If you have an employee that just is not working out, don't don't hold on to them for too long.” (22:15)
  • Personnel issues: “I listen to my employees a lot, not just the management, it’s the employees.” (22:13)
  • “I won't tolerate racism.” “Won't tolerate it in my employees. I won't tolerate it in my customers.” (22:36)
  • “Lead by example, how you treat them is hopefully how they're gonna treat the customer.” (28:37)
  • Success is “how I feel inside.” (30:10)
  • Franchising hesitancy (30:48)
  • “Be flexible. Because you never know where a good thing is gonna come from.” (33:24)
  • “If you're so rigid, it's going to just in some cases, I think it just destroys businesses” (34:15)

Miscellaneous interesting stuff

  • Who the heck is Ted? (:34)
  • “When I was eight, I was a janitor.” (2:48)
  • A toy gun under her pillow (6:40)
  • “My kids starting shooting at 3 and 4.” (7:06)

The most amazing quote I've ever heard. You can't get better than this. Keep going with it.

- Enzo Whipple

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