14: Season 2 - Recap by Host Ete AhPing

November 20, 2020
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During Season 2 of The Company Next Door, we've had the privilege of talking to 13 exceptional people. If you've missed any of these conversations, go take a listen. You're going to want to hear what these people–just "average," friends and neighbors–have to say about their lives and businesses. You'll learn that the everyday people in our lives are truly fascinating, with surprising and remarkable stories, and honest to goodness profound wisdom. The fact that we're surrounded by such interesting people (each of whom, without fail, claim that that they have nothing to tell) never ceases to amaze us.

So here we are at the end of Season 2. It's recap time. It's an impossible task to wrap up each interview into a neat, succinct little narrative so we don't even try (which is why you need to hear each episode!). But we can pull out a few things from each conversation that really struck us. In this recap, Ete dives into his favorite take-aways from this season. Hear Ete's conclusions, the accumulated wisdom of 13 great interviews, in this episode of The Company Next Door.

Season 2 Episodes:

  1. Rusty Fife (Built Medical)
  2. Megan Perry (Trail Talk Provo, Heber)
  3. Dave Zimmerman (Noisebox Studios)
  4. Audrey Watkins (Elevate Nutrition and Fitness Consulting)
  5. Brett Lee (Serial Entrepreneur)
  6. Allison Page (Founder of Trail Talk)
  7. Howard Mattson (Plan One Financial Group)
  8. John Perry (Bio Green, Greene County Fertilizer, Lawncology)
  9. Tom Stone (Commercial Real Estate, Guild Mortgage)
  10. Travis Wilcox (Heber Hatchets)
  11. Tim Naval (Eco Lawn Salt Lake City)
  12. Isabel and David Dupes (The Great American Food Truck)
  13. Interview with Kyle Moody (MoodyBlu Express)

The most amazing quote I've ever heard. You can't get better than this. Keep going with it.

- Enzo Whipple

Season Episodes

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